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    Participation Benefits


    There are many reasons to participate in Arts Crush. Here are just a few: 

    Arts Crush highlights the value of arts & culture in our region.

    Our community is bursting with creativity. As an Arts Crush participant you help shine a spotlight on the abundance of opportunities to participate in arts and cultural activities in our region. Arts Crush increases accessibility to these arts and cultural experiences by offering creative and diverse points of entry for participation. This access creates a risk-free atmosphere in which citizens can discover and learn about particular artists, organizations and art forms in an open and welcoming environment. Furthermore, Arts Crush highlights the true value of art as a vehicle for strengthening social bonds and engaging community.


    Arts Crush fosters community connections.

    The collaborative, social and open nature of Arts Crush serves as a catalyst for fostering new connections between citizens, arts organizations, artists and local businesses. It helps facilitate new relationships between arts organizations and artists of different disciplines, inspiring cross-pollination of audiences and creative ideas. And, it engages citizens as active collaborators in arts and culture, bringing people together through shared experiences and community driven programming.


    Arts Crush raises the visibility of your work and/or your organization.

    Arts Crush is a highly visible and cost-effective collaborative marketing vehicle for arts organizations and artists. It has a proven track record of attracting new audiences to your work and venues.

    TPS supports the program with an extensive promotional and public relations campaign throughout the region. As a participant, your event and/or offer will be listed on the festival website and in the printed festival guide. In addition, participating artists and groups have the opportunity to be highlighted in press releases, advertising and select media.


    Arts Crush invites and engages new participants in arts and cultural experiences.

    The aim of Arts Crush is to cultivate new, younger and more diverse audiences for our region’s arts community while simultaneously cross-pollinating current arts audiences and exposing them to new disciplines or organizations. We also seek to extend a collective invitation to community members who, for various socio-economic reasons, do not traditionally feel invited to the arts.

    In 2012, Arts Crush engaged more than 11,000 patrons with new arts experiences. 71% of participants were new to their selected arts organization, 56% were under the age of 45, and 27% represented communities of color.


    Arts Crush inspires creativity.

    At its core, Arts Crush is a collective investment in the vitality and creativity of our local communities. It is our belief that investing in the creativity of everyday citizens is the key to future audience development in our field. Giving our audiences permission to play and engaging them in the creative process ultimately connects their everyday creative expression to the work of our community’s “artists” and arts and cultural organizations. In addition, Arts Crush stimulates organic collaborations among varying artistic disciplines that inspire new, creative programming and partnerships both within and without the festival.

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