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    Crush Crew



    Arts Crush is looking for bold, adventure-seekers to join Crush Crew! Apply Now!

    What is Crush Crew?

    What was your first art crush? For some of us it’s the song our grandmother hummed while she knit, or comic book we read by flashlight after bedtime, or film that dared us to believe in magic, or trapeze artist we were certain would fall to her death, but didn’t. Somehow we forget or discount these experiences as lesser, or not arts related at all. But these small experiences shape the way we view the world.

    It’s time to bring that feeling of our first art crush back with the Crush Crew – a group devoted to seeking new art crushes in the Seattle area.

    Who should apply?

    Crush Crew is for anyone who wants to meet new people and engage with the arts. We are looking for a diverse range of people between the ages of 21 – 30. Arts experience not required! In fact, the only requirement for joining the Crush Crew is a sense of adventure and a willingness to share your experiences with others.

    What do I get?

    Crush Crew is all about creating social and creative opportunities for its members. Members will receive:

    • Free tickets to select shows / events in October
    • Special access to interactive arts experiences with opportunities to learn about and create art
    • Invitations to Crush Crew only VIP social events
    • Unlimited opportunities to make new friends and contacts
    • Opportunity to share your experience through video documentary/interviews, blogs, and an interactive online scrapbook. In the process, you will become famous (well, sort of).

    What do I have to do?

    Apply. Attend an info session. Participate in Crush Crew events. Share your experiences. That’s it!!

    What’s the cost?

    It’s free. Yes, you read that right. FREE!

    When does it all happen?

    Crush Crew will be selected and assembled in early August. The majority of programming will happen in September/ October as part of the Arts Crush festival.

    Why should I apply?

    We experience the arts every day. We pass musicians, murals, whistling walkers, iPod dancers. Art is not supposed to be out of reach for anyone, nor is it supposed to be made for a select few. And yet, our whole Puget Sound community is often not reflected in the art we pay to see.

    Arts Crush and Crush Crew is about the whole community engaging with and participating in the arts. Crush Crew is a way to initiate dialogue between artists, institutions, and community members in the hopes of creating more representative art and an inclusive atmosphere for future art lovers.

    I missed the age cutoff, what gives?

    One of the goals of Crush Crew is to bring in people who have been limited in their arts experience for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, socioeconomics, age, and race. We want to make sure the most people who would benefit from this program would have an opportunity to apply and feel encouraged to because we recognize their absence from the arts community and want to remedy that.

    Every event in Arts Crush is free or extremely affordable. That aspect of Arts Crush is not going away for the general public. There will still be free nights and events, Pay-What-You-Will Nights, and programming for adults with children. Crush Crew is just an additional program that will focus its attention on the missing voices from the local arts community.


    Due: July 19th!

    If you have any questions please contact Andy Jensen at or 206.770.0370.

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