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    Participation Requirements

    There are three basic criteria for participating in Arts Crush:

    • You must offer a Free, Pay-What-You-Wish, and / or a Featured Event.
    • Your events and/or offers must take place during Arts Crush: October 1 - 31, 2013.
    • Your events and/or offers must be submitted to Arts Crush via our participation form. Submission deadline is MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013 AT 5PM.

    Any submission made after that date will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

    All Arts Crush participants are also expected to:

    1. Support the program through our Pay What You Can participation fee - Theatre Puget Sound is committed to the goals of Arts Crush and to working with all individuals and organizations who wish to participate. This new pricing approach will allow you to take part in Arts Crush at a price you can afford to pay. Any amount you choose to pay will help TPS offset the substantial cost of managing the program and will greatly assist us in promoting your events, your organizations and our thriving arts and cultural community.
    2. Promote your event and the festival - TPS manages an extensive marketing and PR campaign for the festival but your event will get lost if you don't pitch in with some creative outreach and marketing of your own.
    3. Respond to TPS survey requests and assist with data collection and reporting on your event.



    There are three different ways to participate in Arts Crush: create an Arts Crush Featured Event; host a Free Night; or host a Pay-What-You-Will Night. Pick one, two or do all three!


    Arts Crush Featured Events are the heart and soul of this festival. These events are aimed at getting art out of its box and actively engaging citizens in the creative process. Events can include anything from an open rehearsal or participatory workshop to site-specific work or public art projects to flash mobs and "stitch and bitch" groups. Anything is possible; but, the more creative, the better! All Arts Crush Featured Events must be free or pay-what-you-can.

    Offer an allotted amount of free tickets to an already scheduled performance, event or exhibit in the month of October. We ask for a minimum of 20 tickets but encourage more. These allotted tickets will then be made available to the public via a lottery September 13 - 26.  Reservations will be managed by TPS and then forwarded to each company. This program has been extremely successful at getting people into art organizations for the first time – think of your ticket allotment as a marketing investment guaranteed to get new people in your doors.  

    Offer an allotted amount of pay-what-you-wish tickets to an already scheduled performance, event or exhibit in the month of October.  Ticketing, discount codes and audience tracking will be handled by your box office.  We ask for a minimum of 20 Pay-What-You-Wish tickets to be included in Arts Crush promotions, but encourage more.   

    If your participation in either of the categories above involves programming for children and families, you can be featured in the special section of Arts Crush promotions called Kid Crush.

    Event submissions must match at least one of the general focus areas below in order to be included in the festival:


    Arts Crush Featured Event Focus Areas

    Featured Event Submissions must include these focus areas.  They may be part of an organization's regular programming as long as the event happens only once in October.  Featured Event applicants will be reviewed by TPS staff and an independent panel. TPS will notify all Featured event applicants by July 31 of the event's status.

    1. COLLABORATION: events or performances that involve the collaboration of two or more arts groups, artists and/or businesses, particularly those that involve the merging of two or more artistic disciplines. This can include events or performances in a business location or arts venue other than your own. Examples from previous festivals include:

    The Happy Second Life of the Starbucks Gift Card: Mosaic artist Mary Ellen Bowers took over a couple of tables at Roy Street Coffee to create one-of-a-kind artworks made of recycled Starbucks gift cards.

    Lit Twice\Luminado dos veces: La Sala Seattle and Bellevue Art Museum joined forces to create this exciting fusion of literary and visual art. La Sala writers created and read literary interpretations about unique objects of adornment created by Latin American artists in the BAM exhibition Think Twice: New Latin American Jewelry.

    The Conversation: Photographer Michael Hipple and visual artist Allison Kline worked together to create their own version of the telephone game with pieces of art acting as the conduits for speech. They then recruited modern dance company Sixth Day Dance and electropop band Jupe Jupe to collaborate with them on the exhibit/performance, which took place in a neighborhood community center.

    2. COMMUNITY: events that engage community through active participation in the creative process. This can range from something as simple as a participatory workshop or open rehearsal to something as large as a public art project. Empower your audiences to be active collaborators rather than passive spectators! Think beyond just tours and meet-the-artist events, and give patrons an actual hands-on taste of your creative process. Examples from previous festivals include:

    How to Make Stage Blood: Seattle Opera provided the ultimate chance to peek behind the curtain and get your hands dirty, quite literally! Props Guru Pete Olds taught folks young and old all the tricks to making stage blood! Everyone had a chance to make blood of different varieties and for different uses.

    REVEALED - Immigrant Stories from the Urban Jungle: SIS Productions collaborated with artists and community members to bring to life a myriad of immigrant stories of people in the International District of Seattle. The project culminated in a performance tour of the ID. SIS partnered with serveral local businesses to host mini-performances. Audiences toured the neighborhood and savored the stories, culture and food of its inhabitants.

    Seattle Pro Musica's Open Rehearsal and Community Sing: One of Seattle's premier choirs hosted an open rehearsal followed by a community sing-out where choir members and community members joined together in song.

    3. INNOVATION: events that spark the imagination by getting art out of its proverbial box. This can include site-specific work, the creation of new work that defies traditional boundaries, flash mobs, art interventions, or just something truly unexpected. Examples from previous festivals include:

    The Novel: Live: Spearheaded by Seattle7Writers, The Novel: Live was a stunning, never-before-attempted marathon of literary wonder in which 36 Northwest authors wrote a complete novel (with input from the public) in just six days under the watchful eyes of Fairy God-author Nancy Pearl.

    AWESOME's Savory Onyx Machine: “Awesome” took over the vacant storefront at 610 2nd Ave. downtown for a lunchtime performance event that mixed sound demonstration, dancing, singing and live theatrics. “Awesome” performed inside the storefront, while the audience watched the show through the windows and followed the sound experiments through an outdoor speaker.

    Shadows: A live-art Installation: With the audience watching from the street, physical performing artist Mik Kuhlman projected historic photographs of the 1950’s Civil Rights Movement onto vacant storefront windows, and climbed into them as a shadow, highlighting stories that sparked a revolution.

    Arts Crush Theatre Suites: A prime example of the spirit of Arts Crush: 2 service organizations, 3 theatre companies, 3 local playwrights and a local hotel all collaborating to provide a unique experience that both highlighted local theatres and artists, and provided a one-of-a-kind performance event for patrons.

     Questions? Contact Andy Jensen at 206-770-0370 ext. 101 or andy (at) tpsonline (dot) org.


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